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Since its inception in 2011, Just Delivery has become a leading logistics and supply chain services company in India. Our vision is to become the operating system for commerce in India, through a combination of world-class infrastructure, logistics operations of the highest quality and cutting-edge engineering and technology capabilities.

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Our team has successfully fulfilled over 1 billion orders to more than 525 million households across India. 20 automated sort centers, 67+ fulfilment centers, 68+ hubs, 2300+ direct delivery centers, 7000+ partner centers and 43000+ team members make it possible to deliver over 1.5M packages a day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We are Just Delivery.



Just Delivery  provides products and services with the aim of building trust and improving the lives of consumers, small businesses, enterprises and our growing team of employees and partners. We are disrupting India’s logistics industry through our proprietary network design, infrastructure, partnerships, and engineering and technology capabilities. Delivery  brings unparalleled cost efficiency and pan-India reach to the businesses of over 17000 customers. We are driven by a mission to shrink time and distance, making the world a smaller place for our customers and over a billion consumers they serve.



BLM Transport was started in 2001 by Seth Dharpal Mittal.

2001 Gurugram, in which Seth Dharpal Mittal opened a logistics firm name BLM Transport he had a Tata 407.

He and his team worked very hard then Seth Dharpal Mittal owned 4 trucks and started doing good business in a year.


Seth Dharpal Mittal purchased 6 more trucks and appointed 20 employees in 2002


In 2004, Seth Dharpal Mittal took a warehouse, in which 4000 parcels used to come for delivery per day 2006


In 2006 Seth Dharpal Mittal owned 18 new warehouses in India


In 2007, Seth Dharpal Mittal bought 27 new trucks and gave all those trucks to Rana Steel Company to work .


In 2010 , Seth Dharpal Mittal bought more 10 trucks to travel from Delhi to Mumbai , whereby his work grew even more


In 2012, Seth Dharpal Mittal had more than 1200+ employees, who he used to give those bonuses as well .


Seth Dharpal Mittal started business with 400 new companies in 2014


In 2015, Seth Dharpal Mittal started delivering parcel of e - commerce company


In 2016, Dharpal Mittal started delivering packets and parcels across India and throughout Asia,

he started working with 17,000 employees and 300+ e - commerce companies and started offering them a good service.

With this , he added more than 1000+ delivery partners in India and all of them together delivered 10 lakh parcels timely and safely,


In 2017 , Dharpal Mittal has launched a new company called JUST DELIVERY Corporation

Seth Dharpal Mittalji’s vision is if any company or person in India who wants to deliver packets or

Now Our company serves the delivery of Rail Cargo , Air Cargo and Road Cargo Ecommerce in the word.

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