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Delivery Partner 

To open a courier delivery business, it is important that you know about it closely before starting it. There is profit in this, but only when you can give better service to the customers.

It is the era of online market. People order crores every day and ask for something or the other. But have you ever thought that the company that does the work of bringing goods, how much profit does it make? Actually, if a better model is worked on, then the courier companies are earning a lot in this online era. There is a reason for that too. Since these companies only have to carry the goods, so their manufacturing cost is not at all. In such a situation, if you want, you can also start this business, that too by investing only two lakh rupees. If you do not want to open your company, then you will also get a ready-made setup through the franchisee.

Which company is offering franchise?

The name of the company is JUST DELIVERY Corporation, whose logistics wing is named JUST DELIVERY. To start the work, an area of ​​about 200 to 250 square feet is required. The investment will be around 2 lakh to 5 lakh rupees and the franchise fee will be around one lakh rupees. The company will take 10 percent of your profit from you as royalty or commission. If you want, you can get full details by clicking here.

The company will give this help

  1. You will need one or two computers or laptops, in which Just Delivery Company will provide its software support.

  2. The company will give training to run this software and keep a complete record of the business.

  3. The people of the company will send the first 20 parcels and show their receiving copy in the software.

  4. The company will deduct its profit on the 20th of every month and give the remaining amount to you.

Company started with the help of only one Tata 407

It is said that no work is small or big. The company itself also follows this formula. Seth Dharampal Mittal formed a company in the year 2001 called BLM Transport. He started all the work with the help of a Tata 407. In which he used to deliver goods to the people. Within a year, he bought four trucks. Started own warehouse in 2004. By 2006, the delivery of 4000 parcels started every day. By 2016, the company's work started not only in India but also in Asia. In the year 2017, he renamed the company JUST DELIVERY Corporation. Now more than 17 thousand employees work in them.

How much profit will you get?

The profit of this business will depend on the work you get. At present, this company charges Rs 15 per kg for parcels ranging from 10 grams to 1 kg and Rs 30 per kg if it is an e-commerce packet. As the weight of the parcel increases, the courier cost increases. Then the more parcels, the more profit.



How to get franchise

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Question: Where is your head office

Answer: The company's office is located at Omkar House 205, Anand Mangal Complex-1 Chimanlal Girdharlal Road Vasna Telephone Exchange, Navrangpura Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380009 India, where franchise documents and franchise agreements are made.


2. Question: Where is the franchise of your company?

Answer: The company has more than 1800 franchises in different states and different cities all over India.


3. Question: Where is your company's warehouse

Answer: The company has 8 hub offices in India which are Delhi Airport Mumbai Airport Kolkata Airport Chennai Airport Bengaluru Hyderabad Airport Jaipur Airport Ahmedabad Airport Jaipur Airport Indore Airport from where the company sends its delivery shipments to other states and districts.


4. Question: Which companies do you do parcel delivery?

Answer: The company has a delivery type with more than 10000 companies including well known brands like Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart, Meesho, Myntra,, ZARA online Paytm, Big basket, JioMart, AJIO Allen Solly, Levi's, Van Heusen, Park Avenue, Mufti, Pepe Jeans, Wrangler, Numero Uno, Monte Carlo, Peter England, Louis Philippe, FabIndia, Biba, Flying Machine, Zodiac, Adidas, Nike, GINI & JONY, other


5. Question: How do you pre-delivery in my area

Answer: Right now, we deliver from Blue Dart, DTDC, Delhivery, Ecom Express, XPRESSBEES and other delivery vendors


6. Question: How much area of ​​the warehouse do I have to take?

Answer: You have to take 100 to 200 feet area


7. Question: What do I need to keep in my warehouse

Answer: Computers, Printers, Scanners, WIFI, Computer tables, Chairs, Lights and other instruments


8. Question: If I deliver one parcel, how much profit will the company make on the delivery of one parcel?

Answer: Company gives profit of Rs.30 to Franchisee Partner for shipments below 2 kg Company Bank ATM, Bank Check Book, ATM Password, Baby Wear Baby Accessories, Women wear, Women Accessories, Men’s wear, Men’s near you Accessories, Grocery, Crockery, Toys product Phone and Laptop Accessories Home Accessories Pharma Product Sport accessories


9. Question: How many shipments will the company give me to delivery in a month

Answer: If your area is block area then company gives about 6000 shipments per month if your area is city level then company gives about 10000 shipments per month if your area is metro city then company gives about 15000 shipments per month gives


• The company gives a parcel to the franchise vendor for delivery of one parcel at Rs.30

• The company pays the franchise vendor on the 20th of every month

• Like from 1st to 31st, the benefit comes on 20th of the month


10. Question: How much security deposit will be required?

Answer: The company takes a pin code security deposit of Rs.120000 which is 100% refundable. If the franchisee vendor wants to take 2 pin codes, then the company takes a security deposit of Rs.170000. If the franchisee vendor wants to take 3 pin codes, then the company takes a security deposit of Rs.200000. If the franchise vendor wants to take the Pencoed of any main city, then the company takes a security deposit of Rs 220000 for that pin code. Man City Pin Code means as 001 comes in the last of a pin code, this pin code is of 220000. If the franchise vendor takes the next pin code separately, then the company takes the pin code from the franchise vendor at Rs.70000


• The franchise vendor agreement would have been 10 years

• Franchise vendor but the group is 3 years old

• Franchise vendor notice group is 6 months


11. Question: Whether the security deposit is refundable or not

Answer: Yes, is the security deposit refundable?


12. Question: How much will the software fee be?

Answer: Software fee will be Rs 20000



13. Question: Also, is there any hidden charge

Answer: No there is no hidden charge other than this


14. Question: What documents do I need to provide?

Answer: You have to provide Aadhar card and PAN card and 4 photos


15. Question: In how many days will my work start after taking the franchise

Answer: If you take online franchise then your work will start in 5 to 7 days

  • The company gives a parcel to the franchise vendor for delivery of one parcel at Rs.30

  • The company gives playouts to the franchise vendors on the 20th of a month

  • For example, the benefit from the 1st to the 31st comes on the 20th of the month.


16. Question: What if I have the shipments turned out to be broken

Answer: You have to send those shipments back to the company


17. Question: Will I get profit if the shipments are returned

Answer: If your shipments are returned then the company gives you the delivery charge


18. Question: How long do I have to deliver the shipments

Answer: Shipments need to be delivered to the franchise partner in 24 to 48 hours


19. Question: From what time to what time, I will get the shipments

Answer: The company's vehicle can arrive from 6 am to 8 pm depending on the circumstances.


20. Question: If there is a problem, can I find a relationship manager I can talk to?

Answer: Yes, the company will provide the relationship manager to the franchise partner


21. Question: Do you have Sunday delivery also

Answer: No, we don't have delivery on Sunday if you want you can do delivery on Sunday also in your area


22. Question: Do I have to maintain cash for cash on delivery?

Answer: Yes, Cash on Delivery has to be maintained by the franchisee after delivering the shipments of Cash on Delivery and their amount will be deposited in their bank account and on the second day the franchisee has to deposit all the amounts in the company's bank account.


23. Question: Will you give me cash on delivery parcel or prepaid parcel

Answer: Both the parcels will come to you


24. Question: If I deliver the parcel by cash on delivery, then where do I have to deposit the cash amount and in how many days?

Answer: You will get cash on delivery in company account within 24 to 48 hours.


25. Question: If you give me shipment then in how many days I have to delivery that shipment and in how many days will I have to send proof on delivery of the same

Answer: Shipments need to be delivered to the franchise partner in 24 to 48 hours


26. Question: Do I have to take GST

Answer: You have to collect GST after 6 months of taking franchise


27. Question: What do I get from the company

Answer: The company gives 2 t shirts 2 caps and delivery paper and shipments to the partner


28. Question: Do you have both road and air service?

Answer: Yes, the company has both road and air service


29. Question: Do you have same day delivery service in your company?

Answer: Yes, company has same day delivery service


30. Question: How to get training of software online or have to come to your office

Answer: Your training will be online only



31. Question: Will I get parcels daily

Answer: Yes, company will deliver parcels daily to the franchisee but if there is an emergency like emergency Bharat Bandh or section 144 or means of transport or a truck overturned or a vehicle accident or other reasons such as bad weather, shipments may get delayed.


32. Question: Can I track order online?

Answer: Yes, you can track on the common online portal of the company whose link will be given to you.


33. Question: If proof on delivery is not given to the company, then does the company give profit to the franchise partner?

Answer: No If the franchise partner does not provide proof on delivery, then the company does not give any kind of profit to the franchise partner and can also levy penalty


34. Question: Will the Franchisee Partner get any phone number or email id for the franchise hassle?

Answer: Yes, you company will be given phone number and mail id to the franchise partner so that the franchise partner can solve his problem


35. Question: How to know proof on delivery

Answer: The franchise partner has to send the Proof on Delivery to the mail id of the company


36. Question: Who will bear the damages if the shipment is lost

Answer: If shipments are lost from the Shipments Franchise Partner, then the Franchisee Partner will pay the damages if the Trucker loses the shipments, then the Trucker will pay the damages.


37. Question: Are shipments insured

Answer: Sum insured above Rs.5000


38. Question: How many days are the shipments insured?

Answer: Shipments are insured for 2 to 7 days






39. Question: Your company send shipments by road or by air

Answer: The company also sends shipments by road, rail, air ship and water ship


40. Question: Does your company also provide service abroad?

Answer: Yes, our company also provides courier and cargo service in the country and abroad.



Process to become a franchise partner

1st day

Franchisee vendor will have to send the company's mail or WhatsApp number, PAN card and Aadhar card, so that the company can verify all those documents.


after 2 days

When the company mails all the documents of the franchise vendor and city or area approval of the franchise partner

After that the security deposit will have to be deposited in the bank account mentioned by the franchise vendor company in the form of RTGS or DD


5 days later


When the Company receives the Security Deposit amount sent by the Franchisee Partner to the Company's account, the Company's Legal Team sends the receipt of the Franchisee Vendor Security Deposit to the mail ID of the Franchisee Vendor

8 days later

Company sends agreement to franchise vendor







10 days later


The company sends the franchise kit to the franchisee vendor's house which contains

T-shirt Hat Delivery Stationery Item


 15 days later

The franchisee vendor will have to take computer, internet, printer, scanner, barcode reader at his home, from which records of packets and parcels are kept and all these items are used in the work of courier.


17 days later

The company provides online computer delivery software training to the franchise vendors.


20 days later


When the franchise vendor completes the training of computer delivery software, then the company sends a load of 100+ or ​​more packets and parcels to the franchise vendor's address.


When the franchisee vendor will get the first packet or parcel load, then the franchise vendor will have to deliver all those packets and parcels to their area as per the rules of the company.


Proof of all packets and parcels delivered by the franchise vendor will have to be entered in the computer and hard copy of that proof will have to be sent to the company's office from which the company Amazon, Snapdeal, Meesho, Manta, Paytm, Bigbasket, JioMart all banks all LIC companies Show proof to others and take payment and give it to you


The company gives different profit to the franchise vendor on different packets and parcels.

e.g. parcels with Ecommerce


  • Parcel at Rs.30 for delivery of parcel amounting from Rs.10 to Rs.5000

  • Parcel at Rs.50 for delivery of parcels in the amount of Rs.2000 to Rs.20000

  • Parcel on Rs.200 for an amount of Rs.20000

  • Parcel at Rs.300 for an amount of Rs.30000



Document packets


For delivery of all packets below 499 grams, parcel at Rs.10

Gives parcel at Rs.15 for delivery of all packets weighing above 500 grams

such as credit cards. Credit card statement. Bank statement. ATM Password. ATM. Promotional letters. Books are magazines etc.


If you want to become a franchise vendor of the company then


If you have taken a franchise then you have to mail the receipt of PAN card, Aadhar card, DD or RTGS IMPS to this mail id of the company at


The receipt of all PAN card, Aadhar card, DD or RTGS IMPS will have to be sent to this WhatsApp number of the company.


Just Delivery Group


Franchise Department

Just Delivery 

Address: Devika Tower, 1216, Nehru Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110019

Website Address:

Email Id



Phone No +91- 9810211992


Omkar House, 205, Anand Mangal Complex-1, Chimanlal Girdharlal Rd, Vasna Telephone Exchange, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380009




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